The inaugural function of CONTACT was attended by the then honourable speaker M. Vijayakumar, the manager of KSFDC, Mohanlal, P  Bhaskaran, K.G. George, Adam Ayoob, Vijayakrishnan, Vayalar madhavankutty,  Kumarakom Raghunath. On the dais and a delighted and enthusiastic gathering which included all the eminent artists and technicians in the field of Malayalam Television. The speaker enlighted the gathering that the thoughts of each and everyone and the input goes to create the beautiful delights whether it be on the mini screen or the wide screen. The other dignitaries was more emphatic on the aims and objectives of the organization. The first selection of the office bearers of CONTACT was a model process in a democratic manner. There was a healthy competition among members to the various posts. Joseph Gancis, the presiding officer had a tough time in handling the procedures and the following persons turned up to be the first leaders of CONTACT.

First Office Bearers of CONTACT :

Adam Ayoob

Vayalar Madhavankutty
&  Kalady Omana
Vice Presidents

C R Chandran,
B R  Anjitha and Krishnakumar
Joint Secretaries

K A Aziz

Vijayakrishnan,  PC Soman, Siva Mohan Thampi, Kumarakom Raghunath,
Mukuandan,   Percy Joseph, Anil Medayil and R P Sreekumar
Members of the Executive Committee

G Madhu
Public Relation Secretary